Smoking Electric Cigarettes

This is totally a odd question but I figure I respond to it today since someone actually asked me, do you need to smoke electric cigarette out a window?  This question must be coming from someone who is trying to figure out if they can smoke at their office or in their apartment.

No, you do not need to smoke your ecigarette out a window.  The smoke generated by ecigarettes is not real.  It’s smoke is not like a real cigarette.  It is a fake smoke made to look like real smoke.

Instead it is a water vapor that is odorless. It evaporates very quickly once it is created.  What is important to you is that the water vapor smoke contains nicotine and that is how it delivers nicotine to your body.

Because an electric cigarette does not require fire, it doesn’t burn anything and there is no ash.  Hence, there is no second hand smoke or any smoke.

So you can smoke without having to smoke out of a window.  Its safe to smoke indoors and no one will know because it is odorless.

I hope that helps answer your question.  Keep email me more questions in the future.

E-Cigarettes Contain Nicotine

Today, we are going to answer a question that was submitted to us via email, Do e-cigarette contain nicotine?  A E-cigarette is made up a battery and a cartridge.  The cartridge contains the solution that when vaporized, cause a water – smokey vapor to appear.

By default, the cartridges come with nicotine.  Most manufacturers sell the cartridges in three levels of nicotine: high, medium, and low.  Some also sell no nicotine cartridges.  So if you are looking for a e-cigarette that does not contain nicotine, buy cartridges without the nicotine and you can appear to look like you are smoking and get the same favor as a real cigarette but without the nicotine.

If you are looking for nicotine e-cigarettes then that will not be difficult to do.  Just pick the flavor and strength when you place your order and you will be all set.